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Cyber cafe for sale. (Maharashtra, India) Asking Price:$

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Cyber cafe for sale.

Revenue $Avaible on request, Cash Flow $Avaible on request, Established 2000

Cyber espionage involves the illicit extraction of information; cyber crime is the illicit extraction of money. These activities are at the core of malicious activity in cyberspace. If the threat of cyber war is exaggerated, the risk of cyber espionage and cyber crime is vastly under-appreciated.

The most damaging aspect of cyber spying is economic espionage, where technology, research products, confidential business information and intellectual property can all be stolen. The damage may not be visible immediately in an economy, but then, the goal of espionage is not to be detected.

The internet eliminates the need in espionage (and crime) for physical proximity or interpersonal exchanges, reducing risk and cost. It allows the collection of signals intelligence without the requirement for bases, satellites, ships, or aircraft. And it provides a global capability to countries that previously had only a regional or national presence.

Espionage and crime are often indistinguishable, particularly given the use of proxies (cyber criminals who act at the direction of a government). Hacking incidents against the G20 and the International Monetary Fund (where confidential information prepared for meetings of world leaders was extracted) highlight the potentially strategic consequences of cyber espionage and crime for global political and economic activities.

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